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Before filling out the refill form here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Cleaning the bowl

If there was any other kind of wax in your jar, please bring it clean. To clean the container, I made a tutorial that you can find here

2. Choice of fragrances

Place a note on each jar with your top 3 fragrances in order of preference. If I don't have the first one, I'll pour the 2nd one. Frageances must be chosen from those available on the website. It is also essential that you write the color, pigment and glitter you want along with the fragrances you want. If I can not find this instructions, then I'll assume you want the plain white candle with no glitter or other extras. 

If you're going to let me choose the fragrance, write down 'any', that will also shorten the wait time. You can see all the flavors, the colors
 and available glitter shades here.

3. Refill time and price 

Normally the refill time is 14 working days, depending on the number of containers and fragrances chosen. 

The normal refill price is 5 €/100 g. I will weigh the container before pouring the wax and after, and the difference will be the final quantity calculated. For the candles you want with special shapes like the special editions, the refill price is 6 € /100 g. 

4. Send the Vessels

Once the form is completed, pack the jars well and send them to:

InCandleScent Shop SRL, Doamna Stanca Street, No. 38, Staircase B, Șelimbăr City, Sibiu County. zip 557260 

5. Payment and Sending the Parcel

After payment of the invoice, I will send you the candles, and I hope to receive pictures of the places where you have taken InCandleScent candles.

6. Complete the refill form

If you've made it this far, then I need more details on the refill containers so I don't confuse them, as well as your contact details so I can send them back to you. 

Complete this form

Thanks for filling out the form!

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